Board owners are a major target for cyber attacks since they deal with sensitive data. They are often subjected to phishing and password hacks because their email messages, documents and devices contain valuable corporate and business data. A great way to protect them is to use a protected board site that can take those horror out of getting rid of a laptop computer, tablet or perhaps phone by simply remotely wiping it clean. This feature ensures business-critical documents are no longer accessible to unauthorized users.

The CISO and their team should set themselves in the shoes of board associates to understand the level of understanding and class with internet security issues. One-to-one meetings could be an excellent opportunity to do this. This kind of will likely help the CISO and crew to customize communications and explain issues in a way that much more easily perceived.

Using analogies is also an effective to get the table onboard with complex concepts. For example, the idea of putting a thing useful for a fortress guarded by simply knights and a moat is easily understandable for most people and will help to make clear the meaning of threats, vulnerabilities and control buttons.

A protect communication platform with built-in messaging, document sharing, and meeting application creates a central workstream for company market leaders that attracts all delicate updates, interactions, and docs out of unsecured stations like email to minimize risk. It must be easy to use and offer a seamless experience around all equipment. OnBoard, as an example, offers a purpose-built portable app and encrypted data delivery to provide a straightforward experience that eliminates the advantages of tech support.